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My personality and ethnic background plays a part in the process of developing new ideas and finding inspiration to create authentic and uplifting pieces. My paintings are inspired by many facets of ancient civilizations of East Turkey where I was born. They invite the viewer to discover that nature has such richness and variety in cultural and natural resources. The paintings are abstract. Although this art movement has lots of female practitioners, this is less so in the country I am living. My style corresponds with the subconscious when I paint a canvas that translates the spiritual and emotional state of that moment as if listening to music. I desire to highlight time and timelessness and connect art lovers, especially women in pursuit of natural beauty and transcendent inspiration. The landscape series reflect a special kind of emptiness in a good way, peaceful with a feminine vibe. It is like the music of our ancestors we never heard but that we know inside, that very same filling. Many women today work on the fields and love the culture of their land. In fact we all have some ancestors from that part of the world. They say only people from these fields have the eyes to see the world as it is and in this work of these series an invitation is made for the imagination how that world looks like.

Noman's Land - Riders of Lost Paths No 1

Stok kodu: NL- RLP No 1
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